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construction of the plant on production of forms for concrete products of LLC Vibor S

General information about the ground area
Planned use of ground area construction of the plant on production of forms for concrete products of LLC Vibor S
Branch Manufacturing industry
Address of the area Krasnodarskiy region Severskiy district, , Severskaya NIVA
Cadastre account of ground area Registered
Cadastre number of area/of quarter 23:26:0101008:128, 23:26:0101008:29, 23:26:0101008:15
Declared area (m2) 278913.00
Limit size of the area (m2) .00
Land category Agricultural land use
Kind of allowed use Agricultural activity
Actual use not used
Permits, town-planning documentation Scheme of planning the territory. The General plan Seversky urban settlements, approved by Decision of the Board from 10.11.2011 №199
Information on a property
Short description of property No
Cost of property, million rub. .00
Information about proprietor (right holder)
Proprietor Sikorsky Alexandr Pavlovich
Right holder Sikorsky Alexandr Pavlovich
Kind of right Constant (termless) using
Information on the bankrupted enterprises
Name of bancrupcy procedure, date of introduction no
Market cost of the real estate (according to the report on an assessment in case of its carrying out). Total cost .00
Cost of land plot property .00
Information about encumbrance and limitation
Kind of encumbrance, limitation is absent
Encumbrance area .00
Electricity supply
Power supply center (name, right-holder) Severskaya electrical substation open joint-stock company "Russian railways"
Power supply center (electrotension class) Middle class of tension – from 1 kV to 35 kV
Power supply center (free power (MWt)) 5.00
Power supply center (distance(m)) 500.00
Nearest connection point (network tension, kV) 10.00
Nearest connection point (distance(m)) 500.00
Gas pipeline (name, right-holder) Region Gas service
Gas pipeline (diameter(mm)) 100.00
Gas pipeline (pressure(MPa)) Average pressure pipelines – from 0,005 to 0,3
Gas pipeline (carrying capacity(cube. a year)) .00
Gas pipeline (distance(m)) 5000.00
Nearest connection point (diameter(mm)) 100.00
Nearest connection point (pressure (MPa)) Average pressure pipelines – from 0,005 to 0,3
Nearest connection point (carrying capacity (cubic meter a year)) .00
Nearest connection point (distance(m)) 0.30
Water supply source (name, right-holder) well drilling
Water supply source (power (cubic meters a day)) .00
Water supply source (distance(m)) .00
Nearest connection point (power (cubic meters a day)) .00
Nearest connection point (diameter(mm)) .00
Nearest connection point (distance(m)) .00
Sewage system
Type of building (name, right-holder) Construction of local cleaning systems
Type of building (power (cubic meters a day)) .00
Nearest point of connection (distance(m)) .00
Installation of telephones/internet
Central network (distance(m)) .00
Mobile communication (distance(m)) .00
Rated price of the ground area supplying with engineering, mln.rub. 31.00


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